DC “Thegra Ukraine LTD” has a considerable experience in the sphere of production and sales of agricultural goods.

In cooperation with American company “Insta Pro”, which is one of the best soybeans-processing equipment manufacturers in the world, we proudly present soybean cake, produced with the use of unique HTST (high temperature short time) technology. 

In contrast to LTLT (long time low temperature) method, which needs beans to be roasted during 20-30 MINUTES in temperature 110-130 оС, HTST method foresees increasing of the temperature up to 150-170 оС in the process of pressing soybeans in extruder during around only 30 SECONDS.

During treatment of soybeans with high temperature, protein does not denature and remains available to be digested by poultry and animals, allowing reduction of compound feed cost prices (by decreasing synthetic amino acids inclusion rate into the compound feeds).
Levels of digestibility of soybean cake, produced in different ways, are shown in the following table of comparative analysis between the soybean cake, produced by Gaysin affiliate of DC “Thegra Ukraine LTD” and similar products of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers:

Product’s name Nominal crude protein, % Soluble protein, %
Soybean cake produced by DC “Thegra Ukraine LTD” 40,2% 82,0%
Producer 1 42,3% 74,0%
Producer  2 40,1% 76,2%
Producer  3 42,7% 77,3%
Producer  4 41,1% 78,0%

As we can see from the table, the same nominal protein content of different products in practice shows different increase in weight (laying ability, milk yield etc.), notably the cake, produced by DC “Thegra Ukraine LTD” with use of HTST method is more efficient. This will allow reducing the costs and increasing the productivity of animals.
    The levels of amino acids digestibility in different cakes can differ depending upon their thermal treatment method:
Thermal treatment method  % of amino acids digestibility (methionine, lysine, methionine +cystine, threonine)
Autoclave treatment  93,1
Insta-Pro High Shear Extrusion (DC “Thegra Ukraine” soybean cake)  92,5
 Toasting  91,4
 Micronizing 90,4
Micronizing (after water addition)  87,9
Low Shear Extrusion (other Ukrainian producers’ soybean cake)  85,6
 Expansion  84,5

On the basis of above mentioned research results, we can confirm that soybean cake produced with use of HTST method by DC “Thegra Ukraine” is the most beneficial solution of the problem of high energy richness of the compound feed with relatively low cost price of protein content; it provides the best results in poultry and animal breeding.
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