“Thegra Ukraine LTD.” DC is a daughter Company of the Netherlands-based “Theeuwes Holding”. Its history begins in the year 1900, when tireless Jen Baptist (Tiest) Theeuwes founded his first windmill in the city of Rijen. Despite economic crises and changes in the political situation, the Company founded by the Theeuwes’ family had developed into one of the country’s largest companies by the middle of the XX century, due to ceaseless labour and continuous improvement.

The Company’s activity was expanded beyond the Netherlands in the 2-nd half of the XX century. It was in this period that the Company was given its new name THEGRA as a result of merging. Since the beginning of the 1970s the global agriculture started rapid development towards mechanization and introduction of new agricultural technologies, which gave the holding a new development impulse.  Intensification of international trade and substantial expansion of the customers’ geography has made the company global on international scale with daughter companies emerging in Denmark, Poland, and the USA.

Daughter Company Thegra Ukraine LTD was founded by Victor Theeuwes in 1997. During more than 10 years of its activity our company has become one of the leading suppliers of protein products. We provide on-time deliveries of high-quality goods to our national and foreign consumers. One of the most important points in our Company’s history was an opening of oilseed-processing plant having the capacity of ca. 50 000 MT pro year and equipped with modern Insta-Pro process environment in 2007.

From the very beginning of activity until this moment our Company’s main credo is fairness, reliability and respectability in the business practice. We invite you to become our partner.

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